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What is Glamping? A Glamping overview from Niche Brands.

With hotels, tents, apartments, B&Bs and so many other ways to holiday, no matter how you are looking to getaway for a little bit, there is something for everyone. However, glamping has taken holiday sites by storm in the last couple of years, giving a new whole way for us to pause, rewind and take a break from everything. But, what actually is glamping? What makes it different to other breaks and why has it become so popular?

Known as glamourous camping, “glamping” is described in the dictionary as “a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping.” Glamping is the perfect medium between relaxing in the beautiful countryside and but still having the luxuries that we are so used to in our everyday lives, and in some cases, even more luxury. Unlike camping, glamping gives the option for the best of both worlds.

The multi award winning Dimpsey Glamping in Somerset
The multi award winning Dimpsey Glamping in Somerset

Glamping itself was first heard of in the UK in 2005 (according to Wikipedia), however it isn’t the first time it has been around: luxurious camping can be seen as early on as the 16th Century when the Earl of Atholl prepared many tents for King James V with a vast amount of wine and food that he had grown accustomed to in his palace. Other forms of “glamping” can also be seen throughout worldwide history, mostly referring to bringing lavish food and drink on expeditions and treks across countries.

Sumptuous food and expensive wine isn’t all that makes glamping what it is today, however. Glamping is so much more than just being able to dine elegantly, nor is it just about having the luxuries in a tent. There are a multitude of ways you can “glamp” within Britain: tents (including Bell Tents and Safari Tents), Tipis, Yurts and Shepherd’s Huts are just some of the ways you can enjoy both nature and comfort. The best thing about glamping as well is that no two experiences are the same – glamping in a Shepherd’s Hut is very different to glamping in a bell tent, making every holiday a unique trip.

At Niche Brands, we are incredibly honoured to work in such a niche but exciting thriving industry  With our of clients (for example Home Farm Glamping & the multi award winning Dimpsey Glamping) being glamping businesses of their own, it really is amazing to see how it is possible to enjoy the finer things in life but, at the same time, still be connected to the world around us. For us, we can definitely see why glamping is such a hit when booking holidays, and we look forward what glamping offers us all in the futureas we continue to help glamping businesses start up, develop and thrive.

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