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 “I only came in to contact with agency PR when I became a journalist. I thought, I could do that – only better! I dramatically underestimated what it took to be a successful PR person
Tim Down, Director of Aberfield Communications

Emma Warren

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‘The Development Duchess’

Emma has a varied background and some great opportunities along the way has led to a portfolio of companies – all quirky specialists in their niche. It sounds busy but she works with a fab team and now mainly do marketing, business development and some coaching for a handful of select clients. With many years of experience as an entrepreneur, director and business mentor she is the backbone to many companies and is always happy to offer support, business savvy and calm advice.

To all our clients, Emma is not only their business development manager but their sounding board, ideas woman and most importantly a friend to their business. She is passionate about what she does and if you need someone who can tell you ‘YES YOU CAN!’ then Emma is your woman.

As owner of the award-winning Dimpsey Glamping, Emma is very well placed to offer advice and ideas for starting and growing your glamping business.  Within 18 months of starting the business, she has achieved over 90% occupancy through the Winter, won the Gold Somerset Tourism Glamping Award, the Silver for the South West and been rated as a Gold Standard glampsite under the Quality in Tourism grading scheme.  All achieved on a shoe string marketing budget.

Claire Bolden McGill

claire e1485867305612 - Who We Are‘The Communications Countess’

Claire loves words, writing, PR and communications and is an advocate for using them in the smartest way to get the right messages out there – in fact, she’s a big fan of Winston Churchill’s quote: ‘A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.’ When she is not thinking about how to create wonderful coverage for fabulous things, like Dimpsey, Doris and Blackdown Shepherd Huts, she’s encouraging people to smile and communicate, and generally spreading happiness.

Claire has 20 years of PR experience in hospitality, and has established herself as the glamping industry PR expert with contacts in all the right places. She firmly believes that to succeed it is all about trust, integrity and having a genuine message. She says: ‘Being part of the Niche Brands journey is a delight. We all have the same approach and ethos to work, which means we can really connect with each other and with our clients. We’re always looking for ways to shape and challenge the norm, and to create really energetic and satisfying results.”

Bexz Walker

Bexz Walker www.bexzwalker.co .uk avatar - Who We Are

The Grand Geek’

Working within the IT industry since 1995, Bexz enjoys and embraces new technology. She designs WordPress themes and also graphic design and she still actively develops applications, modules and plug-ins for scripts and websites. Bexz became one of the first people to create software applications with mIRC’s scripting for chat rooms back in the 90′s. Her real joy though is WordPress, where she has been an outsourced WordPress engineer since 2003 when WordPress first opened it’s doors. As a self confessed girly geek, WordPress has not just become her job but also her passion and through her love of WordPress she became an award winning web designer.

Bexz uses her knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation to ensure that websites, blogs and communities are seen by search engines and that high rankings are achieved using organic methods. She uses social media and various other forms of networking communities to communicate vital information to companies concerning brand awareness, public perception, reviews of their products/services and studies trends and competitor comments.

She is also a UK food writer, restaurant critic and journalist. Bexz’s articles have been published in Reuters, USAtoday, FoxNews, Daily Mail, Bella Magazine, PCMagazine, ABC Magazine, Chicago Sun Times, BlogNosh Magazine. 

Bexz has developed and runs many of our glamping & country client websites including Dimpsey Glamping, Blackdown Shepherd Huts and of course, Niche Brands, as well as working on their social media and SEO.

Rhea Freeman 

RheaFreemanpic‘The Country Contessa’

Rhea has been involved with PR and marketing equestrian and country brands for longer than she’d like to admit, both running her own specialist agency and in-house for one of the world’s leading equestrian product manufacturers. She’s also written for a number of equestrian magazines (Horse & Rider, Equestrian Trade News and Petplan’s Paces to name a few) and co-founded the Equestrian Social Media Awards. She works closely with magazines, websites, blogs and more, to ensure that clients are presented with and can take advantage of great opportunities to gain exposure whatever their budget.

Rhea is rather particular about who she works with…she won’t work with brands and people she doesn’t believe in…something echoed by Niche Brands.

“I’m really excited to be working with the team at Niche Brands and its clients,” says Rhea. “It’s great to be able to work with such a creative bunch of people, to ensure that all Niche Brands clients receive a superb service that really does get their brands noticed in lots of different ways. Niche Brands is more than just a PR and marketing agency; it supports its fabulous clients in other ways to help them thrive…it really is a great approach.”

Amy Walker

14095854_1728556184075952_1391402179398943969_n‘The PA Princess’

As the Niche Brands PA, Amy loves nothing better than organising. Whilst answering queries from customers to our clients various shops and prepping the Niche Brands admin, Amy is always on track with what needs to be done. She is the spreadsheet princess and wears her tiara with pride. 

Outside of Niche Brands Amy is a fully fledged actress, singer and adores being on stage. She has been singing and acting on stage since she was five years old and is also a member of her local theatre production companies committee where she will be co-directing her first show in October 2017.


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