Who You Are

You’re a small brand with ambition.

You are someone with a passion for what you do, and we’re passionate about helping you to shape your message and project it to the outside world.

If this sounds like you, then being part of the Niche Brands family will inspire and challenge you to move forward with your business. We want to help you understand your own potential. We will raise awareness of you and your brand and business, increase your profile, and develop fruitful contacts and relationships that will have long term success attached to them.

With strong Marketing, PR, Social Media and Business Development skills on the team – combined with a healthy dash of entrepreneurial experience – we offer a unique approach to helping you to grow your business.

Using our skills we will communicate, promote and market your values, talents, products, services and brand to customers or consumers, the media and the general public.

We also understand that it can be lonely running your own business, so four times a year we’ll be running get togethers – so we can all share our knowledge and experiences, as we all (that’s you too!) have knowledge that can help someone else on their journey.  Food will be involved as we’re big lovers of artisan foods – and hopefully lots of chat and laughter.

You’re probably a bit quirky and serving a set of customers that you know really well.  You are a Niche Brand

What we’d ideally like from you…

Good photography. You know that old saying that a picture speaks a thousand words – well, they weren’t wrong! Great images and photography are essential for your brand recognition. And we’ll encourage you to keep it updated and refreshed, particularly for social media and digital purposes. We can help you with this, We can help you with this, ascertaining if you need some updated images, commissioning new photography if needed.

Your biography and background. Very often you’ll have a story that you might not even think is worth sharing, but we see it as being part of the PR profile. We’ll handle all information sensitively, of course. We’ll ask about you and your team – so feel free to share some of your more quirky stories. Think about how you came to set up your business, and why, along with any tales that happened along the way.

Events and occasions. Tell us when things are happening and coming up. This helps us plan – and we do like to plan ahead, because that’s how we can manage great results.

Share everything. Share it even if you don’t think it’s that interesting – you never know what can be a media story and get you coverage, and it also helps us understand more about you. Share your goals, visions, staff stories, new ideas, customer stories – we need it all!

Don’t be shy! Communicate with us, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Communications is two-way street and we’ll be asking you loads of things to get information from you, so feel free to fire away and ask whatever you like.

Be honest. We’ll always work with integrity, but if something isn’t sitting right with you, please tell us and we can make changes to suit you.

Take advice! We are here to advise, and you’ll be working with us because we are experts in our area. We’re often going to give you advice about things that can happen or change in your business which could maximise PR opportunities. If we see something as a limitation, we’ll probably respectfully let you know!

Open, honest and fun. We believe that trust is a huge part of our relationship, and we like to bring positive energy to the collaboration, so whilst we know this is a serious investment for you, we also hope it will be a happy and joyous one. We believe laughter and merriment are great contributors on the path to success!

What Next?

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